In October of last year I attended an amazing 3 day artists retreat in the breathtaking and remote Maui, Hawaii, hosted by renowned American artist Brooke Shaden. It was an opportunity of a lifetime. Little did I know that this opportunity of a lifetime would open up another, even more impressive opportunity of a lifetime.

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Photography retreat inspired by local historic sites - Carroll News; July 2nd 2015

Life Illuminating Art

No matter how many times you’ve been to the historic Sidna Allen Home in Fancy Gap, you’ve never seen it this way before.

FANCY GAP —Twenty-one photographers, models and artists from across the world spent the past week around Hillsville to create local, historically-inspired art...

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An opportunity of a lifetime..; May 16th 2015

Fine art card collection available of Sidna Allen House - Carroll News; April 18th 2016